Kilns: Firing AT MudFire


We have 6 electric kilns - 2 for bisque firing, 2 for glaze firing, and 2 reserved for special firings, rental or commission. We fire to cone 6 utilizing a cooling cycle to create extra crystal formation in matte glazes as well as good color development. We will rent kilns also - $125 for our large kiln, $65 for the small or $15 per shelf. Firing is included in MudFire memberships up to 2500 cubic inches per month.


Our gas kiln is a Bailey car kiln - we fire as needed - typically on a 4-8 week cycle as people place enough pottery on the shelves to warrant a firing. We fire our gas kiln to a cone 6 reduction using our studio glaze collection of about 50 colors. We use clay bodies suitable for oxidation or reduction firing. Gas firing is for members only. No shelf rentals. The entire gas kiln can be rented and fired by us for $1100.

Soda Firing

New at MudFire - we have completed our cone 6 reduction soda kiln. Firings are determined by the amount of work on the shelves - we expect it will be similar to the gas kiln - a potential 4-8 weeks between firings.  Soda firing is for members only. No shelf rentals. Entire kiln can be rented and fired for $1100.

RAKu Firing

A small group of members organizes raku firings - these may only happen once every few months. We do not rent raku kilns, or raku by the shelf. This service is for members only and is not guaranteed on any specific firing schedule.