To be creative. Work with your hands. Be social. Meditate. Learn. Make something.

Atlanta's Pottery Studio - Where Clay Meets Community

If you've ever dreamed of having your own pottery studio, MudFire is for you.

MudFire is not just another pottery school. We are an open playground for imaginative adults. We are inspired by people like you who know there's more to life than meetings, budgets and deadlines. We love creatives who believe in making things by hand and don't mind getting dirty. You need a place to get away from it all. Start an Etsy shop. Make your own dinnerware set. Even if you have never touched clay before you can find your path here.

We hope you can visit soon to shop, get inspired, and keep learning. Our onsite gallery includes pottery from our members and artists in residence as well as ceramic artists from around the US. We carry predominantly functional pottery ready for your kitchen or table. We also carry some home décor items such as vases, wall hangings, sculptures, and coffee table pieces.

Our most common question - "Do you have classes" - Well, we don't have scheduled classes because we know your life is already as scheduled as it can be. We find that with our model of having instruction available when you want or need to learn we can allow you to grow at your own pace whether your goal is a specific piece or just learning about clay and having a good time. We have instructors here every day to help you meet your goals.

We'll be happy to give you lessons in throwing, hand-building or glazing whenever you come in. With 56 hours of open studio time per week we are here for you when you are ready to work. Our instructors are experienced, most with an MFA or BFA in Art/Ceramics.  Deanna and Daphne, our studio owners, are experienced potters and published authors in the field of ceramics, glaze chemistry, and soda firing. In our studio you will be working alongside our staff and other artists who are selling their work. We all learn from each other here.

If you are a practiced potter, you'll appreciate our spacious work areas, top of the line Brent and Shimpo wheels and slab roller, our huge selection of glazes, and our regular firing schedule. We have electric, gas, raku, and soda firing regularly at the studio.  Your membership comes with a generous 2500 cubic inch allowance for the glaze kilns - bisque firing is included. We do ask for your patience with turnaround - while we fire daily it can take 2-14 days depending on general studio flow, weather, get things through bisque or electric firings. Gas, Soda, and Raku happen once demand is met by enough people in order to fire the kilns. New this year - contemporary glaze colors in gray, pastels, and brights in addition to our already awesome palette of neutral and traditional pottery colors. 


Everything you need is right here.

Come during your lunch hour. After work. After dinner. Bring your mom, your friends, your co-workers. Have fun!






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