Group Events

MudFire is a great place to take your group for a fun, educational and inspiring event. We offer parties for both wheel-thrown and handbuilt pottery making for groups of up to 20 adults.

Group events are great for:

  • Birthday parties
  • Girls night out
  • Neighborhood get togethers
  • Networking socials
  • Hobby/interest groups (cooking, book, church, etc.)
  • Corporate team building
  • Charity fundraisers

Though we do offer wheel throwing, handbuilding means sitting at a table with some clay and hand tools to make things, and it is generally easier and more social, so we recommend it for parties and team building events.

Your group arrives and chats over food and beverages if you've brought any. Wine and beer are OK as long as you share! When everyone arrives we do a brief studio orientation and then jump into teaching and demonstrations. We consult with everyone on their project and the best approach, answer questions, and make sure everyone is on track. Everyone will create unique pieces of pottery that are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

Keep in mind this is a "wet clay" studio, and so the work created at the party must dry out, be fired, glazed, and fired again after you leave. The work made at the party will be ready for pickup 4-8 weeks later.

Please call us at 404-377-8033 to discuss your needs/ideas and reserve a time. Pricing varies, but starts at $50 per person. It is generally best to reserve at least two weeks in advance to make sure we can find an instructor (or two) for you. All parties require an advance reservation and deposit.