About Deanna And Daphne


Meet the Owners of MudFire

Deanna and Daphne met while studying Ceramics at UGA under the glorious Kathy King. With years of experience in the ceramic supply industry and authoring articles for Ceramic Arts Daily and Pottery Making Illustrated Deanna and Daphne really know their ceramic stuff (Deanna says facts - Daphne says magic - who can say who is right?) you can read more about Deanna's articles on Pottery Making Illustrated or on Ceramic Arts Network.

Daphne throws on the wheel and loves lidded forms, soda and gas firings, and porcelain. Deanna loves hand-building, functional pots that look more sculptural, and interesting glazes. Deanna loves formulating new glazes.

our philosophy

Our resident artists are our family - we have three artists in residence that work very closely with us in a mentorship fashion learning about launching their own ceramic businesses or building a portfolio for graduate school. Our resident artists and rangers work closely with us and with our studio members. Whether you are here just for a month or you plan to stay with us longer our artists are here to help you "make". We have 18 ranger positions, studio techs who help us in the studio in a work/exchange program while growing their small ceramic businesses. It is important to us to help foster the careers of up and coming ceramicists. It is our passion project.

We consider our space at MudFire as a maker space, for DIY exploration, and for launching new careers, hobbies, or just time to find your inner peace.

MudFire is where clay meets community. Where people of different jobs, backgrounds, viewpoints, races, gender identities, and sexual preference can come together and create beautiful objects out of clay. We are an inclusive, feminist led studio space.

We fire to cone 6, which is better for the environment because it uses less energy, better for our equipment because it is less wear and tear, has a brilliant palette of color including peach, pink, yellow, lavender, grey, and a variety of wonderful clay bodies from Highwater Clays and Standard Ceramics. We fire our gas reduction and our soda kilns to cone 6 too for all of the same reasons, plus time is valuable too and less time in front of the kiln means more time for fun MudFire projects.