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Atlanta's Pottery Center
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Tracey Broome

Tracey Broome

Tracey Broome spent years designing theater sets and props. It is perhaps only fitting that her current work incorporates broken bits of stories and tales, scripted in a pallet of calm and serenity, capturing time and nostalgia while conveying a fragmented monolog of characters long forgotten

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Tracey Broome Sleepy Hollow at MudFire Gallery
Price: $325.00
Tracey Broome Alice at MudFire Gallery
Price: $325.00
Tracey Broome Of Pere Lachaise at MudFire Gallery
Price: $385.00

Tracey Broome at MudFire

Gallery group show House and Home, March 2012
Featured artist interview, February 2012


Tracey Broome Artist Bio

I studied Interior Design in college, got a degree and spent the next twenty years working happily as a showroom designer for the furniture market in High Point, NC. I traveled all over the country setting up galleries for retail furniture stores and showrooms for markets in High Point, Atlanta, Dallas and San Francisco. The furniture industry moved to China, I moved to Charlotte NC and got a job with the Charlotte Repertory Theater designing sets and props. I also started taking pottery classes at a local community studio and fell in love with clay. In 2005, my husband got a job with the Associated Press as a photographer and we moved to Chapel Hill. I continued taking classes, and worked as a studio assistant at local studios in exchange for studio and kiln time. A couple of years ago, I made two of my house forms for a show in Raleigh titled The North Carolina Landscape. My work sold and I entered two barns in a show at The Bascom in Highlands, NC. Both of those sold and people started asking for them. In 2011, I had my first solo show at the NC Crafts Gallery in Carrboro NC, I was accepted into the Chatham Artists Guild and the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild. The Raleigh News and Observer did a feature on my houses/barns and I am now making them every day, five days a week to keep up with demand! I have a beautiful daughter in college at UNC School of the Arts film school, with a concentration in screenwriting and my husband is still traveling all over as a photographer for the Associated Press. We live in Chapel Hill NC, with a studio and gas kiln in the back yard. I have a good life!


Tracey Broome Artist Statement

My work as a clay artist is like keeping a personal journal. I work with clay because it is a way to re-create the things I see, things I love from my childhood, from my travels, from my ancestors. I use clay to convey my view of the world as I experience it. I want the viewer to connect with my art through his or her own personal experiences and memories. I hope that my work offers a chance for your mind to simply be, to experience something from within, a moment of contemplation.

I have chosen to work with clay because it allows me to record my experiences in a beautiful and lasting way. I primarily use terra sigilata and raku firing for my surface treatment because it has a painterly and tactile quality that I like and cannot achieve with more functional pottery glazes. I find that beauty and simplicity are a common thread in my work.

My current body of work is a record of fragments of thoughts, feelings and memories of my life. The colors evoke a sense of calm and serenity, the shapes and forms I love for their simplicity. These pieces tell a story, they offer rest for the eye and for the spirit. I try to capture in clay the things I feel and see in order to capture their power and their beauty, so that I can relive those images in my memory when they are no longer there. For me, creating art is as necessary as eating and breathing. It is a way for me to express things that I could never convey verbally. It is the energy of a moment in my life that I have experienced and wish to share in a visual way with others. It is a recording of my past and present life. I tell of my experiences through my art, not with written word, but with images in clay.

Tracey Broome Artist Resume

Professional Experience:
2011-Present Full time studio artist
2006-2010 Studio Artist
Art therapy workshops for Hidden Voices and
Urban Ministries
Ceramics Instructor, The Artscenter, Carrboro, N.C.
Raku, Handbuilding, and wheel throwing
Summer camp, after school arts immersion
2005-2009, Studio Assistant, Claymakers, Durham, N.C.
2005-2009, Artist in Residence Chatham County, Arts in Education
2005-2006, Studio Assistant, The ArtsCenter, Carrboro, N.C.
2005-2006, Set designer, The ArtsCenter, Carrboro, N.C.
2003-2005, Art Instructor, Community School of the Arts, Charlotte, N.C.
2003-2005, Set Designer, Charlotte Repertory Theater, Charlotte, N.C.
1985-2003, Visual Designer, Theater, Retail, Furniture showrooms
Show and Exhibitions:
2012, From the Earth, Gifts of Fire and Clay, Saxapahaw Artists Gallery, Saxapahaw, NC
2012, House and Home, MudFire Gallery, Atlanta, Ga.
2012, Lark and Key Gallery invitational, Charlotte NC
2012, Reliquary, Imagine Gallery, Suffolk, England
2012, Carolina Designer Craftsmen Show, Raleigh NC
2012, Chatham Artists Guild Studio Tour, Chatham County NC
2011, Chatham Artists Guild Studio Tour, Chatham Couty NC
2011, Invitational Solo Exhibition,NC Craft Gallery, Carrboro N.C.
2011, Hillsborough Arts and Crafts Festival, Hillsborough, NC
2011, Haw River Festival, Saxapahaw, NC
2011, Shakori Hills Music Festival, Silk Hope NC
2010, American Craft Today, The Bascom, Highlands, NC, Juror Carol Sauvion, executive producer of the Peabody Award-winning "Craft in America" PBS television series
2010, Festifall Chapel Hill, NC (best artist award), Juror Jon Wilner
2010, Clay and Blogs, Telling a Story, The Campbell House, Southern Pines, NC invitation
2010, Scope: The North Carolina Landscape, Visual Art Exchange Raleigh, NC, Juror 2010, Jonathan Stuhlman, Curator of American Art at the Mint Museum of Art
2010, Shakori Hills Music Festival, Pittsboro, NC
2010, Haw River Festival, Saxapahaw, NC
2010, Saxapahaw Music Series, Saxapahaw, NC
2010, Octoberfest, Saxapahaw, NC
2009, Duke Homestead Fall Festival, Durham, NC
2009, Historic Stagville Holiday Show, Durham, NC
2009, Festifall, Chapel Hill, N.C.
2009, Saxapahaw Music Series, Saxapahaw, NC
2006-present, Artwalk Instructor Show, The ArtsCenter, Carrboro,N.C.
Chatham County Artists Guild, board member
Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild
2010, Festifall, Chapel Hill NC Best Artist Award, 2nd place $250
2011, 500 Raku Lark Books
2010, Artsee July, first edition, Scope the NC Landscape Show
2010, Studio Potter, July, A Virtual Community
Additional Studies:
The McColl Center for Visual Arts, Charlotte N.C. 2003-2005, Wheel throwing and Raku
Claymakers, Durham, N.C. 2006-2009, Wheel throwing with Debra Harris, Ronan Peterson and Susan Filley, Hand Building and Coil Construction with Barbara McKenzie and Meredith Brickell, Figurative Sculpture workshop with Adrian Arleo (assistant)
Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, Tn. 2008, Narrative Sculpture with Debra Fritts, Utilitarian Clay Conference, Penland School of Craft, Penland NC 2009
Raku with Steven Forbes deSoule
Additional workshops include: PoWen Liu, Blaine Avery, Amy Sanders, Victoria Christian, Linda Christiansen, Kari Radasch, Michael Kline, Bruce Cochrane
Judith Duff, John Britt
Studio Assistant for Mark Hewitt, Siglinda Scarpa, and Joseph Sand 2008-present