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Atlanta's Pottery Center
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Opened April 16, 2004

MudFire Pottery Center welcomes back the teapot with "Teapots-A-Go-Go 2", our second annual gallery exhibit and sale of eclectic, whimsical, elegant and otherwise wickedly-cool teapots. This huge multi-artist show opens on April 16 and continues through May 15. An opening party will be held on April 16 from 6p-10p.

The teapot, more so than any other class of studio pottery, exemplifies the limitless personal expression that can be delivered within the framework of functional imperatives. Expert craftsmanship is required to thoughtfully integrate content, surface, and form while balancing technical limitations.

Images of individual works for this past exhibit are not available.

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Show Dates
April 16 - May 15, 2004
Reception April 16, 5-9 pm
Gallery hours - Maps
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More About Teapots-A-Go-Go-2

Teapots-A-Go-Go will include the work of over 100 ceramic artists from around the nation, including many prominent local artists. The show offers a mix of Juried, Invitational, and MudFire artists, resulting in an extremely diverse group of works across all price ranges. Images and information will be made available as they are received.

Invitational and Juried

Lana Wilson, Malcolm Davis, Gay Smith, Ellen Shankin, Sequoia Miller, Craig Edwards, Dale Neese, Nathan Sonnenberg, Kyle Carpenter, Glenn Dair, Patrick Crabb, Patricia Watkins, Dave Finkelnburg, Lois Ruben Aronow, Priscilla Hollingsworth, Tim Sullivan, Bill Buckner, Keen Zero, Michael Pitts, Geoff Pickett, Chris Baumann, Roger Jamison, Mark Issenberg, Ken Horvath, Phillip Ahnen, Saskia Dinh, Michael Schmidt, Alice Barry, Marc Barr, Trevor Tait, Joan Ulrich, Deborah Williams, Nan Rothwell, Minerva Chango, Barbara Hanselman, Justin Rothshank, Nancy Green, Triny Cline, Mark Knott, Darrell Adams, Stephen Hawks, Susan Feagin, Lauren Dillon, Tesa DuPre, Cameron Covert, Scott Bennett, Regina Simas, Gwen Fryar, Steve Frazier, Billie Mitchell, Knox Steinbrecher, Kathy Phelps, Brenda Rehrig, Tammy Josephson, Marise Fransolino

MudFire Studio Artists

Keiko Coghlin, Erik Haagensen, Brian "Vinnie" Gialloreto, Luba Sharapan, Charles Smith, Michele Smith, Masa Sasaki, Donna Kemp, Linda Aston, Kristi Eide, Janis Kirtz, Christine Bentley, Lisa Smith, Nancy Eskew, Cynthia Jones, Gary Miller, Lynn Wexler, Sheri Monack, Jared Sulc, Ian Glaze, Maithilee Prathak-Sharma, Mikel Allen, Linette Rodgers, Donna Friedman, Jodi Drobisch, Sae Coulston, Adrina Richard, Amanda Freeman, Sharon Allison Barnhart