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Atlanta's Pottery Center
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Stefan Ritter

Stefan Ritter

Stefan Ritter creates pottery that reflects the sights and sounds, words and culture that surround us. The collage, urban street-art illustrations on his vessels are about human beings and reference our common behavior and emotion. To Ritter, a good pot is a sort of poem you can fill with a drink.

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Stefan Ritter at MudFire

Gallery group show Draw+Decal, July 2009


Stefan Ritter Artist Bio

Stefan is both a practicing Atlanta attorney working in the public sector and potter working at Mudfire. He has a B.A. degree in architecture from Washington University in St. Louis (where he also majored in physics). His interests then, as now, were two and three dimensional design rather than building construction, and served as a teaching assistant in two dimensional design and graphics classes as an undergraduate, where he received the school's book award during his junior year. He has been involved in ceramics for over twenty years, with substantial breaks spent making children rather than pots.


Stefan Ritter Artist Statement

I am interested in the same things in ceramics that I am hopeful you are: that pottery not just be something using the world or of use in it, but that it speak about the world. We are surrounded today with sights and sounds, words and culture like never before. I am interested in pottery that reflects this, and is ultimately about us, about human beings, and in reflecting this responds to us emotionally and intellectually. To me a good pot is a sort of poem you can fill with a drink.

Ultimately, every pot you'll see here from me is a type of experiment: some good, some not so good. Every one is a "one off"; each intentionally unique as to what it hopes to express. My hope is that you walk away with the same joy that I had in making them.