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Po-Wen Liu Workshop

Throwing Demonstration with Po-Wen Liu and Yosuke Koizume - 2005

Potters from Shimpo Ceramics will provide a brief demonstration, free of charge and open to the public. MudFire will host the workshop, which will focus on off-the-hump throwing techniques as well as Yixing teapot construction. The demonstration will conclude with throwing a 50 pound bowl! The history of the potters wheel will also be discusssed.

MudFire has a number of the Shimpo Whisper VX wheels for attendees interested in test driving one. We do not sell equipment, and Po-Wen assures us the workshop will be non-commercial and very informative.

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One day Workshop
August 3, 2005 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Free and open to the public
This workshop has passed and is no longer available.  Check out some of our Upcoming Workshops

About Po-Wen Liu

Po-Wen Liu is from Taiwan, R.O.C. Before coming to the United States, he majored in ceramic engineering and worked for a Chinese porcelain company in Taipei, Taiwan as a ceramic engineer for 2 years. He tests, develops and improves glazes and clay bodies for the company.

In 1996, Po-Wen attended the School for American Craft at Rochester Institute of Technology and received a BFA degree in ceramics. During his study at RIT, Po-Wen was honored to be manuscript consultant for the 2002 Newbery Medal awarded book, "A Single Shard" by Linda Sue Park, regarding the making of celadon wares. In May 2004, Po-Wen received his MFA degree in ceramics from Northern Illinois University.

Po-Wen is currently working for Shimpo Ceramics as a Local Sales and Marketing Representative, and is a ceramics instructor at The Fine Line Creative Art Center, St. Charles, IL. Po-Wen's demonstrations emphasize Chinese wheel throwing and Yixing tea pot handuilding techniques.

About Yosuke Koizume

Yosuke Koizumi, received his BFA degree in ceramics from Tulane University in New Orleans. After graduated from college, Yosuke returned to Japan and worked as a production potter in the pottery village of Shigaraki for 2 years. During this period, Yosuke developed truly extraordinary throwing skills.

Currently, Yosuke is working for Shimpo Japan. Since he began working for Shimpo Ceramics, Yosuke has been traveling to different countries and promoting Shimpo pottery equipment, most recently the Shimpo Whisper wheels which he helped to design and develop.