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Ron Roy Workshop

Understanding Clay & Glaze Chemistry - 2006

Ron Roy will share his deep expertise in matters of clay and glaze chemistry. Participants will review the Seger unity formula in detail as it relates to glaze calculation. Ron will demonstrate the use of INSIGHT and GlazeMaster software programs for understanding and adjusting glaze recipes. Participants should bring examples, problems, projects and questions for this weekend of consultation with one of the top experts in the field. All participants will receive a copy of Ron's valuable 30 page Glaze Workshop Book.

Specific topics will include subjects like adjusting glaze recipes to cure crazing, shivering and crawling; adjusting glazes for use at different firing temperatures; making line blends to test adjustments; how to raise or lower the shrinkage and maturation temperatures of clay bodies; firing cycles for bisque and glazes; and reformulating for substitution of materials in clay and glazes. Audience participation and requests will shape the flow of discussion to a great degree.

Ron co-authored the authoritative text on ^6 glazes.

Class size 18.

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Artist talk w/slides
February 18, 7:00 pm
Free to the public
Three day Workshop
February 19 - 21
10a - 5p
This workshop has passed and is no longer available.  Check out some of our Upcoming Workshops

About Ron Roy

Ron Roy has been a studio potter for 35 years and conducted hundreds of workshops in all aspects of studio pottery. Ron is a celebrated writer, technical advisor and consultant to studio potters, a technical advisor to Ceramics Monthly, and a clay and glaze consultant for three major ceramic supply companies. His book "Mastering Cone 6 Glazes" is an amazing resource which breathed new life and excitement into countless clay studios with over 10,000 copies sold. His current experiments with dilatometry will be of benefit to potters all over the world.

Ron Roy Bio

After finishing his formal Education in ceramics at the Ontario College of Art in 1963 Ron established his studio in Scarborough. From this time until 1971 he was a studio potter and part time educator in ceramics. During this period he participated in many shows, won numerous awards, executed several architectural commissions, laid the foundation for Rodaco Clay, and served as a volunteer in two major craft organizations. He set up the studio, developed the curriculum and taught at Centennial College continuing education department from 1967 to 1985.

1971 marked the incorporation of Rodaco Clay in response to the community's need for well designed and quality processed clay. In June 1981 Rodaco was taken over by his partner and Ron returned to the creative life of a studio potter and the task of re-establishing himself in the more demanding discipline of porcelain. After a few group shows he entered the "Perfect Setting" dinnerware show which opened at Government House in Ottawa and won the special Award for Contemporary Design.

Ron is currently concentrating on technical writing, consulting, leading workshops, and his dilatometry experiments.

Ron Roy Resume

Publication Credits:
2002, Co-author of "Mastering Cone 6 Glazes" a book on glaze stability
2001, Photographs of work in "Tableware in Clay" by Karen Wood
2001, Photographs of work in "Clay and Glazes for the Potter (3rd edition)" by Hopper & Rhodes
2001, Photographs of work in "The CeramicSpectrum (2nd edition)" by Hopper
2000, Co-author of article on glaze durability in Sept. Ceramics Monthly
2000, Seven pages and photos in "Ceramics - Ways of Creation" by Zakin
1999, Technical advisor to Mathias Ostermans new book on Majolica,
1999, Presenter at NCECA - glaze calculation panel
1998, Article in Nils Lou new book on firing - "stages of firing."
1997, Article in Contact Magazine "Dilatometery for Potters."
1995: Article in NCECA 1994-95 Journal - Glaze Doctors Clinic Part 2 on testing glazes for fit
1995, Feature article on new work in Contact.
1995, Glaze testing articles in Fusion Magazine
1994, Two page feature article in June issue of Ceramics Monthly
1994, Dinnerware featured in Robin Hoppers video #4 - Pots for Eating and Drinking From
1992, Book review of "The Potters Complete Book Of Clay and Glazes" in the April - May issue of CraftNews
1991, Included in Fusion's corporate gift catalogue
1991, Included in the Bronfman Claridge collection catalogue.
1990, Photo in April "Craft News" and "Fusion" magazine re "Mino" award
1990, Photo in "Ceramics Monthly" re "Mino" award
1990, Autobiography feature article in winter 1990 issue of "Contact" magazine
1989, Article on Harlan House, "Bronfman Award Winner" in the "Canadian Society of Decorative Arts Bulletin"
1989, Photo in "Contact" magazine re "Mino" award
1989, Article on poisons in glazes in "Fusion" magazine
1987, Book review of "Functional Pottery" by Hopper in "Fusion" magazine
1986, Photo of work in February and November issue of "Ceramics Monthly"
1985, Photo of plates in volume 13 of "Studio Potter"
1985, Profile in "Fusion," The Ontario Clay and Glass Association's magazine
Lectures, Workshops, Career Highlights:
2002, Presenter at NCECA on glaze stability
2002, Presenter at Vancouver Syposium on glaze calculation
2002, Two Day workshop at Loyalist College
2002, Three day workshop on glaze calculation - St John's, NFL
1999, Presenter at NCECA on Calculation Software 1999, Glaze calculation software courses at Canador College and Mohawk College
1999, Juror for Fusions Fireworks show
1998, Two workshops in Florida on general studio techniques and glaze calculation
1998, Invited to speak on glaze fit at CerMATECH '98 in Charlotte NC
1998, Two one week glaze calculation workshops at Canador College
1998, Best in show - Fusion Fireworks 98
1997, Civic award for cultural achievement for City of Scarborough
1997, Glaze course for Fusion - The Ontario Clay and Glass Association
1997, Platter in NCECA national show (only Canadian in show)
1997, Juror for Branmford potters annual show
1997, 5 day computer glaze workshop at Canador College
1996, Invited to show in Oregon Invitational
1996, Invited to give two lectures at Fireworks 96: Edmonton International Ceramics Seminar
1996, Five day glaze workshop at Canadore College
1996, Juror for Waterloo Potters spring show.
1995, Juror and workshop for London Potters Guild
1995, Computer glaze course at Sheridan Summer School
1995, Award of Merit for Cultural Achievement from City of Scarborough
1995, Part of "East Asian and Canadian Ceramics" show at the Royal Ontario Museum
1995, Included in Fusion traveling exhibition opening in Ottawa May 96.
1994, Glaze doctor at National Conference on Education for the Ceramic Arts
1994, One week throwing and glaze workshops at Sheridan summer school
1994, Group show "Plates" at Prime Gallery.
1993, John Mather Award for community service awarded by O.C.C.
1993, Awards commission (120 platters) for Burns Fry Investments
1993, Courses on glazes and throwing for George Brown College and Sheridan College
1993, One semester course at Sheridan School of Design on Clay and Glaze technology
1992, Five day workshops at Sheridan School of Design and St. Lawrence Summer School
1992, Place setting in "Mino 92"
1991, Nominated for the "Chalmers" award by G. Tooke, A. Parsons, and A. Smith
1991, Speaker on Ceramics at The Environment and the Arts Conference in Toronto
1991, Dinnerware commission for the Joan Chalmers residence
1991, Work commissioned by The Museum of Civilization at the request of the 1991 Bronfman Award Jury
1991, Workshop for FUSION titled Window to Understanding - Glazes and Design
1991, Dinnerware purchased by The Burlington Cultural Center for their permanent collection and featured as functional potter of the year
1990, Workshop in Ottawa titled "Beyond the Ordinary" on design and personal style
1990, One week workshop at Red Deer, Alberta on functional pottery.
1990, Dinnerware for well known Ontario ceramist Bruce Cochrane.
1990, Dinner plates commissioned by Ontario Crafts Council for their new building
1989, Workshop in Mississauga titled "Beyond the Ordinary"
1989, Jurors award by Val Cushing - 2nd International Ceramics Competition, Mino 89, Japan
1988, Workshops in Toronto and Waterloo
1988, Represented Ontario at the "Canadian Connection" symposium with other ceramic artists from across Canada at Ohio State University
1988, Dinnerware set for well known California ceramist Jerry Rothman
1987, One man show in the Art Gallery of Temiskaming
1987, Workshops in Edmonton and Medicine Hat, Alberta and a presentation at Banff
1987, Workshop (one week) at St. Lawrence College, Brockville, Ontario
1987, Workshop in Sudbury, Ontario
1987, Juror and design lecture at Bracebridge, Ontario
1986, Artist in residence, Haliburton School of Fine Arts (2 days per month, 6 months)
1986, Workshop at New Brunswick Craft school
1986, Four-one week workshops at Algoma School of Fine arts, Canadore College, St. Lawrence College, and Haliburton School of Fine Art
1986, Nominated for the "Bronfman" award by "FUSION"
1986, Ontario Craft Council purchase for their permanent collection
1986, Purchase Award, "FireWorks 86" show
1984-1985, One of 4 Ontario ceramist's selected by Walter Sunahara to participate in the show "Thresholds" in conjunction with Edges, the 4th International Ceramic Symposium
1984-1985, In charge of surface transportation for Edges
1984, Three person show at The Gallery of Fine Crafts in Winnipeg
1984, Only person with two dinner settings in "The Perfect Setting" which opened in Government House in Ottawa. Received a special award for contemporary design
1971 to 1981, President of Rodaco Clay company
1967 to 1982, Continuing Education Instructor and head of Ceramics department at Centennial College
1963 to 1971, Studio potter. Many group shows, awards, architectural commissions and workshops throughout Ontario
1959 to 1963, Special student, technician, and taught basic courses at the Ontario College of Art