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Raku Firing at MudFire

Even if you are not a MudFire member, you can now rent out up to three of our extra-super-deluxe raku kilns for firing your own work.

Raku kilns are available by appointment only. Please call ahead with questions or to make your reservation. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

About the Raku Kilns

Our kilns were newly built to spec in 2007. They are quite large, with an internal capacity in excess of of 24"x24"x24" - able to fire some of the larger pieces you may have created. They are equipped with pyrometers for accurate temperature control when needed (think horsehair or naked raku!!!) and fire to 1700 degrees in under an hour.

The kilns were constructed with safety and dependability in mind. The entire top section of the kiln lifts off via a cantilevered pulley system. No more bending into a hot kiln to retrieve your work. And our kilns are located under a large awning, allowing you to work even if the weather isn't perfect.

To make it easy to raku fire here, we offer several options. Up to three people may share a kiln load - prices are per kiln, not per person.

  • For the experienced potter who has fired here previously, kiln rental is $50 per kiln, including use of our glazes, combustion materials, tongs, gloves, and combustion chambers.

  • For the experienced potter who is comfortable firing and unloading on their own, but requires a first time introduction to firing at MudFire, the fee is $50 for each "assisted" kiln, and $35 thereafter. (All first time users must do and pay for at least one "assisted" kiln load, after which time, if both parties agree, you may continue firing "unassisted")

  • For the potter with minimal raku experience requiring help with glazing, loading, kiln monitoring, unloading and post-firing reduction, the fee is $50 per kiln plus $10 an hour for a raku assitant. Think of it as your own personal raku workshop! It's worth learning to do it right!!!

Glaze and Clay

All pieces must be bisque fired in advance. Lower bisque temperatures (08-06) seem to give better glaze results.

Raku clay is recommended but certainly not required. We really like Standards 239 clay or HWC Raku sold at Atlanta Clay.

Don't get mad if your piece breaks or cracks. It happens a lot in raku. It's not anyone's fault. How would you feel if your experienced a 1500 degree temperature change in the span of 30 seconds?

Leave a 1/4" glaze-free area around the base of your piece. Or bring your own stilts if you're firing small pieces with glaze all the way around. If you drip glaze on the shelves, you will be required to clean them off (which means you have to first wait for them to cool!).

All firing and cleanup must be done during MudFire business hours. Do not start a firing within 2 hours of closing time. We love you but we already work huge long hours and need time to play.

Kiln Rental Includes

We provide everything you need to raku fire except yourself, a clear head, pottery to fire, and non-flammable clothing.

Your firing fee includes...

  • Glazes (10+ available)
  • Combustion material (paper or sawdust)
  • Tongs
  • Gloves
  • Combustion chambers
  • Kiln use & gas
  • Instruction & assistance as noted above

Raku Safety

No alcohol during firing. Use of kiln will be denied to anyone who appears to be inebriated or anyone who brings alcohol to consume during firing. How you celebrate after the last piece is out of the kiln is totally up to you - we're happy if you include us in your post-firing party.

Fire resistant shoes and clothing are a must! Wool, leather, cotton or denim are your best bet. If you want to wear those leather chaps, by all means do so. But please leave those open-toed Jimmy Choos at home. Crocks are a bit like napalm when set on fire. Nylon goes up pretty quick too.

Please leave all kids outside with the chauffeur. No kidding, children under 14 are not allowed in the studio at any time. No-one under 18 may participate in or assist in raku firing at MudFire.

The water hose must be pressurized and on hand at all times. If for any reason, fire leaps out of the combustion bin, use water the stop the flame from spreading on the asphalt.

Glazes Available

Ricks Turquoise
Copper #6
Higby Copper Green
Clear Crackle
White Crackle
Del Favero Luster
Red Bronze Luster
Pipenberg Oil Luster
Sacco Blue Hawaii
Aerik's Aqua

MudFire's spacious kiln yard and easy-lift kilns

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