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Atlanta's Pottery Center
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Pottery Studio

Our ceramics studio is a pair of extensively renovated warehouses in Decatur. With over 7,500 square feet of studio, gallery, kilns, basic supplies store, and event room...all well lit with tons of natural light from 10' x 10' windows and skylights. Open noon to evening, MudFire is an all day open studio, fully equipped to provide hobby, part-time, student, and professional potters and sculptors the opportunity to be outrageously creative.

We offer monthly studio memberships because it takes time to turn wet clay into something lasting. Several studio visits over 2-3 weeks are required to see the process through. We offer several membership plans for you to choose from. Most people go for the month-to-month plan which starts with a risk-free $99 trial month.

Are you a beginner? Awesome . . . no bad habits for our teachers to correct! Of course we'll love you with experience too, our brothers and sisters in clay. But let's say you're just getting started and are wondering how does this work for beginners?

Clay is a wonderful medium through which to express yourself. From the very beginning, you can do no wrong - but you can spend a lifetime getting it just right. Come in, get dirty, make friends, meet your neighbors, make functional gifts or completely dysfunctional objects d'art for yourself.

All equipment, glazes and firings are included in your membership.

Pottery & Sculpture Equipment

The center is furnished with top-of-the-line equipment, including 16 electric Brent C and Shimpo Whisper wheels, spacious handbuilding stations, a slab roller, spray booth, sculpture stands and an extruder. There are hundreds of hand tools, a large selection of brushes and even a reading lounge with pottery books and video tapes. We have three large electric kilns, raku kilns, and a huge gas reduction kiln...allowing us to offer a reliable firing schedule, ensuring that your bone-dry and bisque pieces are always ready quickly.

Ceramic Glazes

Over 50 different glazes, 40 or more underglazes and a variety of stains, slips, terra sigillata and engobes are provided and rotated frequently. Members' requests for testing out a recipe they know and love are usually accommodated within a few days. If it works out and everyone loves it, we'll add it to the palette.

Pottery & Sculpture Classes

Although there are no scheduled classes at MudFire, beginners are welcome. Wildly enthusiastic teachers are on hand to provide one-on-one handbuilding and throwing guidance as part of your membership. We want you to come here whenever the muse strikes you. Our set-up encourages learning. Come in several times a week, a few hours each time and you'll be well on your way. It's like a gym with a bunch of personal trainers on duty all the time.

Pay our monthly fee, and you can come in for a lesson any time that is convenient for you.

We also host local and nationally known artists in a variety of workshops. Learn new techniques and open up to wild new ideas!

Kiln Rentals

Just looking for a place to fire? Great!

We have loads of studio members who do their work at home studios and come in to MudFire to use our endless buckets and jars of decorating stuff and fire in our 13 kilns. We've got an army of Studio Rangers mixing glazes, terra sigillata, stains, and slips, and lots of different firing options. Concentrate on the fun stuff at your home studio and let us do the hard technical work for you. Members may use the studio however they like...make and fire here, make at home and fire here, make here and fire elsewhere - it's up to you!

If you are just looking to fire a piece or two one time, we unfortunately aren't able to help you. We're 100 percent focused on keeping our studio members happy. The only exception is raku firing. We do rent our raku kilns to ceramicists who need a little smoke and fire in their lives but can't do so at their studio.

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