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Potters of the Roan

Opened April 4, 2009

"Potters of the Roan", a guild exhibition highlighting the incredibly diverse work of sixteen professional potters and sculptors living and working in the mountains of Western North Carolina, opens at MudFire Gallery on April 4, 2009. The Potters of the Roan exhibition features decorative and figurative works by nationally prominent American potters whose craftsmanship is helping to define the landscape of contemporary American ceramics.

The artist reception and exhibit opening will be held Saturday, April 4, from 5-9 pm. The exhibit and sale will be on display through May 3, 2009.

Images of individual works for this past exhibit are not available.

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More About Potters of the Roan

The Potters of the Roan collective describe themselves as a group of emerging and nationally recognized potters who "have banded together for promotional and professional purposes". The shared experience of the sixteen ceramicists living in a beautiful corner of Western North Carolina imparts, however, only a hint of correlation to their work. Truly, the only thing in common is the collective's shared competence and richness of diversity.

The work of the Potters of the Roan spans a variety of techniques, such as retro-chic earthenware boxes by Liz Zlot Summerfield; gorgeous porcelain dancing vessels by Gay Smith; anagama-fired pitchers by Shane Mickey; deliciously jewel-like goblets by Jenny Lou Sherburne; elegantly decorated tumblers by Terry Gess; and contemplative figure sculpture by Melisa Cadell. The exhibition will include a broad range of utilitarian objects, decorative vessels, tableware, sculpture and wall art.

About the Potters of The Roan Guild

In medieval times, crafts guilds played an important part in the economic development of Civilization. Organized to foster cooperation, education and mutual support, these groups flourished for a time as they gave the individual craftsmen respected social and professional positions.

Today craftsmen once again to seek the comfort of guilds, for much the same reason. The Potters of the Roan is guild of 16 potters representing 13 potteries in the Bakersville area. The guild takes its name from Roan Mountain, which dominates the views in the area with extensive balds and huge natural rhododendron gardens. Each guild member is a full time artist with a current or previous connection with the Penland School of Craft. All are residents of the northern part of Mitchell County and recognize the power of the Roan as a physical presence as well as a symbol of their mountain home. While each of the potters pursues unique and individual imagery, their combined skills and breadth of talent sets them apart as a guild of truly masterful artists.