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Atlanta's Pottery Center
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Draw and Decal

Opened July 11, 2009

It is impossible to grace the surface of clay without acknowledging thousands of years of history. Many of the techniques and materials in use today were developed millennia ago, but those leading the field are combining new technologies with fresh viewpoints on design and illustration. In the contemporary studio pottery movement, it is no longer enough to simply master form and apply the age-old transformational alchemy of glaze and firing. A new visual language is developing on the surface of today's vessels.

American studio pottery finds itself at a moment both awkward and illuminating. We stand gratefully venerating the pioneering masters of the post-war studio pottery movement, while also looking eagerly to the next generation and forward to where we are heading. Today's studio pottery takes advantage of new technology and contemporary design and illustration sensibilities that allow us to update ceramic surface and lay the groundwork for new traditions.

Images of individual works for this past exhibit are available in the video below.

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More About Draw and Decal

Clay artists benefit not just from an instantly accessible global compendium of illustrative inspirations, but also from the ability to deploy an updated set of tools and technologies to realize their visions. Traditional techniques using pen and brush, the magic of silk-screening, or carving and resists, are joined by more recent innovations like vector art and one-off continuous tone ceramic decal printing. Never before has so great a catalog of commercial finishing materials and purified chemicals been available for mixing and innovating with.

Studio pottery, so enabled, is taking on a frenzied, energetic exploration of where clay surface can now go. Draw + Decal presents a snapshot of this moment, an educational survey of available techniques, and the opportunity for both collector and creator to engage fully in this exciting time in clay.