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Atlanta's Pottery Center
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Constructed - A Handbuilt Review

Opened April 24, 2010

MudFire Gallery hosts "Constructed" a national invitational review of handbuilt contemporary clay constructions. The show features ceramic artwork created without a potters wheel, and freed from the aesthetic confines of the round. A daunting range of techniques and styles will be presented. Starting with coil, slab, and poured forms, the artists proceed to gouge, pound, scratch, pierce, punch, bore holes and otherwise impress their will onto wet clay resulting in craggy textures, tromp l'oeil tree bark, flowing curves, or magnificently symmetrical patterns. Onto these painstakingly prepared surfaces we'll see detailed pen-and-ink style illustrations, broad brush strokes, whimsical folk art, electric color combinations, and the classic serendipity of natural ash glaze.

MudFire invited over twenty artists from across the United States to contribute their talents to this exhibition. "Constructed" examines the lasting qualities of clay dependent on human impulse, and expresses the importance of a craft that connects viewers to both ancient times and modern methods.

The artist reception and exhibit opening will be held Saturday, April 24, from 5-9 pm. The exhibit and sale will be on display through May 22, 2010.

Images of individual works for this past exhibit are available in the video below.

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More About Constructed - A Handbuilt Review

Clay, most of all mediums, connects artists and appreciators to serve both the most basic and most poetic needs of humanity. Patting, pinching, squishing, rolling, and a wealth of other hands-on manipulations gives simple clay the ability to transcend its basic, earthen form and achieve finally an inspiring work of artistic expression.

Handbuilding is an ancient pottery making technique, but the range of work and expression being created by contemporary ceramic artists is without compare. Over ten thousand years of materials testing, firing innovation, scientific and aesthetic explorations, and countless acts of human sharing inform today's ceramic artists. Each of them must choose from this endless toolkit the bits and pieces they start with on their journey to extend and improve the field, while delighting the eyes and hands of collectors.

For "Constructed" we identified over 20 ceramists who have made significant contributions to the field in settings ranging from the academic to online market places, with their unique approaches to composing form and gracing surface. The intent was to present a broad review of the range of possibility that modern materials and methods offer. While functional work remains central to this exhibit, the offerings also include sculpture and decorative vessels.