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Atlanta's Pottery Center
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Opened August 9, 2008

CLAY-TL, honoring a dozen top-notch ceramic artists from the Atlanta metro area, opens at MudFire Gallery on August 9, 2008. The show continues through September 6, 2008. CLAY-TL is a showcase of the diversely fine functional and decorative things that a skilled artist can make clay be . . . all made locally by your talented neighbors.

All of the work in the CLAY-TL exhibit is created locally and transported no further than 30 miles from its place of origin. As environmental concerns rise to the forefront of our culture, locally made, consciously produced, and aesthetically considered articles for daily use and decoration become an essential part of life. The deliberate act of supporting local art, is rewarding on multiple levels. All the more so when such a profusion of captivating work is available right at your doorstep.

Images of individual works for this past exhibit are not available.

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Show Dates
August 9 - September 6, 2008
Reception Aug. 9, 5-9 pm
Gallery hours - Maps
Featured Artists
Carol Brull
Chase Folsom
Brian Gialloreto
Barry Gregg
Yoshimi Hosoda
Marissa Hudson
Stacey Pearson
Adrina Richard
John Roberts
Luba Sharapan
Michele Smith
Vernon Smith

More About CLAY-TL

CLAY-TL will include a broad range of functional pottery in all sizes and flavors, with a bit of sculpture thrown in for good measure. Luscious swirling cups with rich atmospheric surfaces, tiny rattle heads with wild colors, sublime salt-fired teapots, intensely textured and carved surfaces, and so much more.

As the city of Atlanta has grown the past few decades, it has quietly become a nationally-significant locus point for clay art. A thriving horde of potters and sculptors labor quietly away every day creating magnificence from clay.

Atlanta clay, unconstrained by folk or functional traditions, is boundless in its fantastic variety. There is a wealth of creative inspiration in the city; a goldmine of stylistic and materiel variety. Ample opportunities to experiment and thrive. Places to learn, places for discourse, communities to inspire.

So what can clay artists accomplish when the world is completely open to them? What is the Atlanta style?

Come see for yourself!