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Bay Area Pottery Posse

Opened June 6, 2009

MudFire Gallery will showcase the work of the Bay Area Pottery Posse, a group of of seven talented women potters of the San Francisco Bay area. This gallery show is curated by Diana Fayt, and presents new works that express daring design in terms of form, color, and narrative themes. This group of artists frequently work, show, and meet together as they seek to evolve their vision. In doing so, they present a notable face which strongly influences contemporary Bay Area studio pottery. The exhibit opens June 6, 2009 with a reception from 5-9pm, and continues through July 3, 2009.

Images of individual works for this past exhibit are available in the video below.

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Show Dates
June 6 - July 3, 2009
Reception June 6, 5-9 pm
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Featured Artists

More About Bay Area Pottery Posse

The Bay Area Pottery Posse create pottery from their immediate present, with the traditions of the medium influenced by a unique urban experience and the diverse culture of a singular American city. What other city so prizes " a character", the individual strongly confident in expressing a quirkily-unique and stereotype-denying assimilation of that they find to be fine? To walk the streets of the Bay Area is to survey an endless procession of such characters. The exhibit will represent this diversity in a body of work that blends urban, industrial, natural, and traditional influences resulting in a daring character which evades the more established traditions of Southeastern pottery. The Posse's pottery reflects back at us the visual feel of the Bay Area with its multiple faces of high-tech fast forward, gritty industrial decline, global cultural assimilation, and the magnificent natural beauty of mountains meeting coastline.

Crista Assad painstakingly creates teapots and vessel forms which realize a precise interpretation of industrial apparatus. Mary Mar Keenan's ornate designs imply a strong resistance to the high-speed passage of time in the city and encourage the user to simply slow down and be happy. Sara Kagan's creations reflect on abandoned factories and their rusty surface texture and cold steel frame work, and offer the muted palette of a fog-shrouded city. Whitney Smith's organic forms and vibrant colors are influenced by her stint as a San Francisco floral designer. Diana Fayt's work presents thoughtful juxtapositions of abstracted technical backgrounds and detailed floral illustrations carved on rich fields of color.

Josie Jurczenia's ceramics reflects 30 years of working with fabric and designing clothing, with patterned colorful forms created by tearing, darting, pinching and sewing components of clay. Rae Dunn's pottery offers a view into the cornerstones of her life, the quest for simplicity and playfulness, while achieving a striking aesthetic through contrast and studied imperfection. Sara Paloma's bottle groupings offer a sleekly futuristic urban silhouette.

At every level the Bay Area, its prominent women potters, and their exhibit at MudFire, seem to find a balance between human control and natural spontaneity, craft traditions and contemporary influences, formal design and momentary inspirations. And the result, at each level, is fresh, funky, and totally West Coast - a delightful salmagundi that serves as a welcome remedy to the limits of tradition.