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Atlanta's Pottery Center
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Asia Mathis

Asia Mathis

Asia Mathis is a contemporary clay sculptor whose work is immediately recognizable in its use of animal imagery and stamped poetry. Using clay as canvas and writing tablet, Asia creates quirky objects in a variety of series...wall-pods, rocks, and yoga-inspired animal sculptures. All are adorned with a variety of finish materials, abstract designs, and stamped poetry. These works are rich in content and invite speculation and contemplation.

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Asia Mathis Artist Bio

I hold a BFA in ceramics and painting from Middle Tennessee State University (Fall 1999), and after a few years in part-time jobs and cold basement art making, I happily settled into a proper studio in 2004 and began work as a full time artist. Since then, I have been busy with a variety of group gallery shows in Nashville, Atlanta, and Chicago, as well as fine art and craft fairs around the country.


Asia Mathis Artist Statement

By some series of events and circumstances, clay is what I came to know and do, and luckily i stumbled upon the desire to communicate through it. Looking back, I can see now that my connection to all things earth has always been strong, and so I suspect that my medium chose me instead of the other way around, thereby keeping my hands in the earth everyday, and lending itself most graciously to the environmental nature of my work.