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Andy Nasisse Workshop

Looking For Life In Clay - 2006

Attendees will enjoy two days with one of Georgia's top ceramicists, Andy Nasisse. In this wide-ranging demonstration, Andy will show the numerous forming methods he has developed for building and glazing the figurative work he has been making for the last twenty years. His work explores the tension between opposites such as light and dark; between conscious and unconscious; between matter and spirit. His figures, residing somewhere on the edge between playful whimsy and outright fear, are known for dynamic surfaces brought alive by layering slips and glazes with multiple firings.

Nasisse works improvisationally, finding and developing figures in a spontaneous fashion. He will demonstrate the various methods he uses to create layered textural surfaces and how he uses overglazing techniques to emphasize the nature of melted glass on clay. He will also present a slide lecture covering his influences and the evolution of his work. The class size will be limited at the artist's request.

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Artist talk w/slides
March 24, 2006, 7:00 pm
Free to the public
Two day Workshop
March 25-26, 2010
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
This workshop has passed and is no longer available.  Check out some of our Upcoming Workshops

Andy Nasisse Artist Statement

Over the years I have developed methods of working with clay that are meant to bring out the natural qualities of that material and of the process of drying, shrinking, glazing, melting, and firing. By multiple firing, and layering of slips and glazes, I try to make objects that have stratified active surfaces that snap and crackle with energy. I am looking for meaning and content in the dynamics of the process and trying to apply this to my general aesthetic or world view.

I am interested in the tension between opposites; between light and dark; male and female; between expansion and contraction; good and evil; organic and geometric; ration and intuition; mind and body; night and day; between our conscious lives and our subconscious self; between matter and spirit. The notion that our lives are bound by a mythic drama that unfolds spontaneously, and that there is an underlying geometry, hidden patterns, and layered meanings to all we see, is a preoccupation that informs much more than just my work.

For quite some time now I have been using the figure, the vessel, and the landscape as a primary image (or mythic image) through which I could express some thoughts about the human condition. I have tried to present a unified theme that ties together work that ranges from small scale utilitarian pots to large scale vessels and figures. I work improvisationaly, finding figures in the material, and developing them into an image, or a narrative that seems to have life. I like to think of these figures as part of a family of images that find their way through my hands into the outer world. At their best they present an enigmatic expression, somewhere on the edge between whimsy and fear.

Andy Nasisse Resume

Professional Experience:
2005 - Emeritus Professor UGA
2001- 04 - Graduate Coordinator, Graduate Faculty, UGA.
1988 - Full Professor, The University of Georgia, Art Department, Athens, Georgia
1981 - 1983 Gallery Director Lamar Dodd School of Art
1995 - Visiting Professor, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snow Mass Colorado
1994 - Visiting Artist residency, Alfred University, New York
1990 - Visiting Artist residency, Appalachain Center for Arts and Crafts, Tenn.
1989 - Artist in Residence - Leighton Artist Colony, Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada
1979, 1980, 2001, 2003 - Professor UGA Studies Abroad, Cortona, Italy
1975 - Crafts Editor, New Art Examiner, Chicago Ill.
1975 - Sabatacle Replacement, University of Chicago
1974 - Head of Ceramics, Evanston Art Center, Evanston Ill.

Grants, Awards, Commissions:
2001-03 - Nominator for Joan Mitchell Foundation Fellowships
2000 - Fall - UGA Center for the Humanities Fellowship
1997 - Senior Faculty Research Grant - UGA
1995 - Albert Christ Janer Award for a Lifetime of Creative Research – UGA.
1978 - National Endowment for the Arts Regional Fellowship, SECCA Winston Salem, NC
1981 - UGA Research Grant for study of Prinzhorn Collection and Musee Del Art Brut
1978 - Ford Foundation Research Grant - UGA - for study of Ceramic collections in American Museums
1987 - Commission for St. Mary's Hospital, Athens Ga., wall relief
1985 - Commission for Portman Hotel in Singapore, Architectural Mural
1980 - Architectural Commission for Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport - four relief murals
Publications By Artist:
2003 - Introduction for Trans-Mission Exhibition, Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences
August, article in Kerameiki Techni, international mag. of Cerammic art, six pgs. color photos
2000 - “In the Hand of the Holy Spirit,” Forward by Nasisse, includes 21 photo credits to Nasisse.
1999 - National Conference for the Education of the Ceramic Arts Journal, “Transmitting the Subconscious.”
1998 - Ceramics Monthly, Article on the Art of Michalene Walsh, September.
Ceramics Art and Perception International, Article on the sculpture of Nancy Blum, November.
1996 - Review of Saupe Exhibition for Southern Arts Federation published in American Craft.
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1994 - Ceramics Monthly, Review with color photo, page 58, February.
1992 - Catalogue essay for Voelker exhibition at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas.
1987 - Catalogue Essay for “Baking in the Sun,” a traveling exhibition from University Art Museum, Lafayette, Louisiana, thirty-six pages, including photos.
1986 - American Ceramics Magazine, March, Article on Akio Takamari Fall, Review of Ron Meyers for Ceramics Monthly
1984 - Catalogue essay, "Laughing to Keep From Crying" pg 25, NOMC, New Orleans
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1983 - March, Art Papers, Article on Michael Simon, potter.
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Ceramics Monthly, review of Carlo Zauli at International Ceramic Symposium, Faenza, Italy
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Chicago New Art Examiner, review of solo show by Peter Volkos, "Clay Drawings" Exhibit A
Chicago New Art Examiner, article "CERAMIC VESSEL AS METAPHOR", the work of Richard Devore
Chicago New Art Examiner, book review "Hamada Potter" by Bernard Leach and "A Potters Way" by Susan Peterson
1975 - Chicago New Art Examiner, review of "20th Century American Folk Art" at Evanston Art Center
Chicago New Art Examiner, article about Dennis Oppenheim Performance at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Publications About Artist:
2005 - "The Figure in Clay" gallery section, Lark Books
2004 - "500 Figures in Clay" Lark Books, international publication March
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, review of solo show (with color photo) by Cathrine Fox
April, Ceramics Monthly, review of "Southern Face Jugs: Past and Present" color photo
2003 - "Craft and Art of Clay" international publication by Susan Peterson
Exhibition Catalogue "21st Century Ceramics" Columbus College of Art and Design
2002 - “Working With Clay” by Peterson, Prentice Hall, photo.
2001 - “Ceramics: A Potters Handbook,” portfolio section, photo.
Ceramics Monthly, October, Lead Article on Nasisse, three pages, color photos.
2000 - Ceramics Monthly, article on Group Exhibition at Macon Museum, color photo.
Boulder Weekly, Denver Post and Ceramics Monthly, short reviews of group show NCECA
Ceramics Monthly, review of two-person show, Barkin Leeds Gallery, Atl
"Contemporary Ceramics" international book by Susan Peterson, Watson Guptill, Color photos
1999 - Third Edition of Peterson’s “Art and Craft of Clay,” Portfolio Section.
1998 - Ceramics Art and Perception, international, Lead article titled “Inner Light Outer Dark,” five pages with seven color photos, fall.
Exhibition Catalogue, “Inner Light Outer Dark,” Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences, seventy-five pages with twenty-five color and forty black and white images. Two essays with eighteen pages of text.
Macon Telegraph newspaper, feature article "Sheding Light" about solo show at Macon Museum, four pgs with color photos
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ov.Atl. Journal Constitution, review of solo show at Dorothy McRae Gallery, Nov. 2, text and photos
1991 - Fall, Ceramics Art and Perception, "Drama and Discontent in the Work of Andy Nasisse" by Samantha Krukowski, five page article with color photos - Australian Publication.
1988 - Spring. American Ceramics, Article, p. 38,
April, Art News, Review of one-person show, p. 166.
Winter, UGA Research Reporter, 4 page article, 12 photos plus text, pp. 21-24.
1980 - Article, “Andy Nasisse: Layered Crackle Patterns,” Ceramics Monthly, pp. 58-6l.

One and Two Person Shows

2004 - March - solo show, Signature Gallery, Atlanta
2002 - Two-person Show, Santa Fe Clay, New Mexico.
Solo show – “Big Pink,” Arrow Gallery, Athens, Georgia.
2001 - December, Wyndy Morehead Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana.
January, solo show, Blue Spiral Gallery, Asheville, North Carolina.
1999 - October, Barkin – Leeds Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia.
1998 - June, One-person show, Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia.
January, “Inner Light Outer Dark,”; Solo Show, Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences, Catalogue.
1996 - October, One-person show, Columbus College, Columbus, Georgia.
1994 - December, Two-person show with color announcement, Dorothy McRae Gallery, Atlanta
March, Two-person show, Simone Stern Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana.
1993 - November, One-person exhibition, Dorothy McRae Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
1992 - solo show , May, Dawson Gallery, Rochester, New York
1990 - October, solo, LewAllen Butler Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico. September, solo, Pro Art Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri.
March, solo, Eve Mannes Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia.
1988 - solo show, Jeff Kipness Fine Art, Atlanta
1987 - One-person show, February, Mario Villa Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana.
1986 - One-person show, February, Heath Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia.
1984 - One-person show, Spring, May, Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia.
Jan. - "Mans Best Friend" Invitational, Santa Fe Clay
Feb. - Three Person show "Sphere of Influence" Deland Museum of Art, travels
Feb. - Invitational "Cup" show Lill St. Arts Center, Chicago, Ill.
March - NCECA Invitational "Plates" Santa Fe Clay, Baltimore, NCECA

Group and Juried Invitational Shows

2005 - Sep - National Teapot Invitational III, Cedar Creek Gallery, NC
May -" Visceral Vessel" National Invitational, S. W. School of Art, San Antonio,Tx
Jan. - "EXCESS" National Invitational, The Clay Studio, Phili., Pa.
Jan. - "Mans Best Friend" Invitational, Santa Fe Clay
Feb. - Three Person show "Sphere of Influence" Deland Museum of Art, travels
Feb. - Invitational "Cup" show Lill St. Arts Center, Chicago, Ill.
March - NCECA Invitational "Plates" Santa Fe Clay, Baltimore, NCECA
2004 - Feb. "8 Fluid Ounces" National invitational Cup Show, LSU Baton Rouge, La
Feb. - "For The Table" invitational, Santa Fe Clay
Sep. - "Teapots" Invitational, Pewabic Pottery, Detroit, Mich.
Feb. - "Southern Face Jugs" Southern Pottery, Columbia, SC
June - "Tea" invitational Santa Fe Clay
August - 2004 - 03 - 05 "Perspectives, Fifty Georgia Potters" Oconee Arts Foundation
2003 - October, 21st Century Ceramics in the United States and Canada, Columbus College, Ohio.
April, - " Clay", Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Atlanta.
Summer - Pottery Invitational, Santa Fe Clay, New Mexico.
Summer - Drawings by Southeastern Artists, Blue Spiral Gallery, Asheville, North Carolina.
2002 - October, - Figurative Show, Blue Spiral I Gallery, Asheville, North Carolina.
September - “Figurative Expressed ”, Signature Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia.
National Teapot Show, Cedar Creek Gallery, Creedmore, North Carolina.
“Modern Bestiary”, National Invitational, Wustum Museum, Racine,
Wisconsin. 2001 - November -
“Black and White”, National Invitational, Blue Spiral Gallery, North Carolina.
September - National Figurative Ceramics, Baltimore Clayworks.
2000 - November - Everson Museum Invitational, National Traveling Exhibition, Catalogue.
1999 - September - Landy Collection of Contemporary Ceramics, Macon Museum.
September - Chester Springs Invitational, “Nine Decades”, Curated by Rudio Autio.
July - Southeaster Ceramics Invitational, Blue Spiral Gallery, Asheville, North Carolina.
April - Contemporary Ceramics from Georgia Collections, Macon Museum, Catalogue.
March - Clay Cup II National Juried Exhibition, University Museum, SIU.
February - Ceramic Invitational, Sybaris Gallery, Michigan.
March - Ceramic Figurative Invitational, NCECA Conference, Columbus, Ohio.
1995 - “After Appalachia” Invitational at the West Virginia University Museum of Art.
1992 - Winter National Figurative Ceramics Society for Ceramic Arts, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
1991 - April - LaGrange National - Juried, LaGrange College, Georgia. October - “Day of the Dead” Show, Pro Art Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri.
April - Inside Visions, Ashville County Museum, North Carolina.
September - Parallel Visions, Los Angeles County Museum Travels to Switzerland, Spain and Tokyo
1990 - “Sacred Places” invitational - Simms Fine Arts, New Orleans, Louisiana.
1988 - October - High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia, Contemporary Georgia Artists.
October - "Birmingham Museum Looking South a Different Dixie;" show travels to Memphis Brooks Museum Museum of Art, Tennessee, St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, Florida, Columbus Museum, Georgia, New Orleans, Louisiana Contemporary Arts Center.
1986 - Dark Humor in the South, Birmingham Museum of Art, Travels to Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, Texas.
1983 - August-September, Eccentrics, 20 Southeastern Artists, SECCA, Winston Salem, NC
September - Birmingham Museum Biannual, Birmingham, Alabama.
1982 - “New Epiphanies” National Invitational Show of Contemporary Religious Art, Traveling Show.
1981 - National Collection of Fine Arts Smithsonian Institution, Artists of Appalachia.
1979 - National Functional Ceramics, National Invitational at Wooster Museum of Art, Wooster, Ohio.
Visiting Artist Lectures and Workshops:
2004 - Summer - Hambidge Center, Rabin Gap Georgia
Fall - Pottery Northeast Seattle, Wash.
1999 - Panel Moderator, “Transmitting the Subconscious”, NCECA Conference, Columbus, Ohio.
1997 - Visiting Artist Lecture and workshop at University of South Carolina.
1996 - October, Visiting Artist, Columbus College, Columbus, Georgia, Lecture.
October - Visiting Artist, Southeastern College, Art Conference, Paper titled: “The Shoe That Rode the Howling Tornado” narrative art in Southern Outsiders, Charleston, South Carolina.
January - Visiting Artist, Stetson University, Orlando, Florida, Lecture.
April, - Visiting Artist, Cal. State University, Long Beach, California, Lecture.
1995 - Summer - Visiting Artist, Anderson Ranch Art Center, Aspen, Colorado, Lecture.
1994 - Visiting Artist, Alfred University, two-week workshop and lecture.
1990 - April, artist in residence, Appalachain Center for Art, Tennessee.
1989 - October, slide lecture, Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta, Canada.
1988 - November, panel discussion, Ringling Museum School, Sarasota, Florida.
October - panel discussion, Birmingham Museum, Birmingham, Alabama.
May - Slide Lecture at University of Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama.
October - Penland School, Penland, North Carolina.
February - Guest Lecture at University of Indiana, Bloomington, Indiana.
March - Guest Lecture and Visiting Artist, Workshop, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio.
Fall - Lecture, Maryland Art Institute, Baltimore, Maryland.
Juror, Guest Curator:
2004 - Jurror for the MFA Grants Program, Joan Mitchell Foundation, NY
2003 - Guest Curator for Trans-Mission Exhibition, Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, Georgia.
1988 - Spring Juror for LaGrange National, LaGrange, Georgia.
1987 - Spring Juror for "Bathhouse Exhibition" at the Atlanta Arts Festival, Piedmont Park.
Invited Guest Curator for an Exhibition of Black Visionary & Outsider Artists, “Mojo Working,” at Central Florida University, Orlando, Florida.
1976-1986 - Curator of Ceramics Southeast at The University of Georgia, l0 years in a row.
1984 - Guest Curator, Group Folk Art Show, Nexus Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia.
Public Collections:
Alfred University of American Ceramics, Alfred, New York
Nelson Fine Art Center, Tempe, Arizona
Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Georgia
Wustum Museum of Fine Art, Racine, Wisconsin
Macon Museum of Arts & Sciences, Macon, Georgia
Western Virginia Museum of Art, Roanoke, Virginia
High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia
Coca-Cola Corporation, Atlanta, Georgia
Hartsfield International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia
Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Atlanta, Georgia