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Atlanta's Pottery Center
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A Pottery Studio For All Levels

MudFire was born out of endless coffee house discussions about day jobs versus personal expression, living out your dreams, getting back to what's important. Then, finally the mother of all questions… are you really going to do this (insert current day job here) for the rest of your life?

Oh no! Spilled coffee. Existential angst. What makes you happy? How do you want to spend your day? It didn't take too long to narrow down my list. There are two places where I tend to smile all the time. Around my family. And around the pottery studio. And I couldn't help but notice that there are quite a few of us like that, out there…

Atlanta just needed a space for clay that was for people who couldn't necessarily make a scheduled class and wanted to have the inspiration and camaraderie that working in a clay community can bring.

So really, the idea of opening a full time "open studio" was inevitable.

Here it is

MudFire is for all of us out there who spend far too many hours working and precious little time pursuing our dreams. If you are interested in joining MudFire, please email us suggestions for your "ideal studio" and a way to contact you.

Hope to meet you soon!
XOXO- Deanna & Daphne - Owners

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